Monday, January 26, 2009

This Side of Today

I held on to you far longer than was healthy
You lived nicely packaged under my bed
Contained in the box I made, 
The picture from your calendar decorating it.
It was amazing how 3 1/2 years 
Could fist so easily in a shoebox
Ten silver dollars, pictures and ticket stubs
All just empty reminders of the pain I carried.
Then one day, packing up life for the first time
I threw it away--and you with it
I was starting new without you
You would be a lesson I learned
A time of life I would remember
But not long for anymore.
So I ran,
I ran to find the person I had never known--
I found her in foreign countries
In the eyes of the people who loved her,
I found her in darkness
And in the light that pervaded the dark she lied in,
In the end when I had the courage 
I looked in the mirror and found her in my eyes.
I had only been lost
Because I did not know how to be found,
So now I walk
Not needing to watch my feet
The ground is not going anywhere anymore,
Eye raised watching everything
Introducing all to who I am being and becoming.

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