Thursday, November 19, 2009

not mine.

what does it mean to say forever?
to promise something that isn't yours.
on the backdrop of the past,
when this is all there is,
the etchings and the scars.
so why is a name impressed on each one?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i need to learn the power of words and how to speak up for myself. i won't be caught in a cycle of abuse ever again. because i know i have worth and i will no longer let anyone take that truth from me.

new beginnings.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

good song.

Two Are One by Dri

Who's in your heart's
not always who's in your bed
You go looking for love
and find a lover there instead
So you hold them like you'd hold the hold the one you love
until it starts to feel like the two are one

Two are one

Who's in your bed's
not always who's in your heart
Some nights I'll pretend like I can't tell them apart
But then I sleep through the dark
with my eyes wide open
and my dreams lay our against the ceiling
and in every scene, it's you with me
and not this lover who lays beside me
like a rag team
in a movie

Who's in your heart's
not always who's in your bed
The night has a way of making you forget
that if the one you love's not the one you're loving
all our loving will amount to nothing
so I take off running and try to catch you
There's so many things I have to tell you
I wake up
and then I wake up