Friday, November 21, 2008

Typical Samantha

Things generally happen to me that other people can't believe. I live most days saying "really? really!? Did that honestly just happen!" Since living in Portland I have had consistently odd things happen to me. Here's a sampling:

-My drivers side window got smashed in (i obviously did not do this to myself but it has happened since being in Portland)
-Flooded my bathroom
-slipped and fell (may have broken my toe)
-Consistently injure myself  on the corners of things
-Started a grease fire in my kitchen, almost burned down my apartment building, which then resulted in small burns on my legs
-Electrocuted myself

This isn't an exhaustive list but it gives you an idea of what goes on in my life. Whether it's daily or weekly things aren't exactly normal but then again normal would be not fun whatsoever :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I cry out in the dark
Recieving my answer in the light
Hearing your word
In the tranquility of your morning,
I haven't seen the sun in days
But something about the morning shines,
With doves eyes I see the day
Spread out before me
As I fight for joy,
Ripping off my sackcloth
Washing off the ash
Putting on linen,
In the silent revery of this moment
To dance to a tune that's just for me
For I am not mourning
But I am present in your temple
In the center of your love.