Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hear My children and know that I am the Lord your God. I will never forget you. Look at the trees and know that I am there. Feel the wind and know that I am speaking. You have heard My voice and yet you forget it. 
You forget My provision and My plan for your life. But I have bought you at a great price so that we could be together. When you hear Me again you will remember My love for you. My children if you remember nothing else remember My love. Remember that I chose you not because of anything you could offer Me but because I love you. And remember that I continue choosing you today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello fall, meet Samantha.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Truth That Hurts

This is one of those songs that says goodbye
That is thrown away because of pain
Not even given a second glance
Because goodbye is too permanent,
And I don't do permanent,
I keep things surface level
Because I'm not gonna hurt
I'm not gonna care
That way when you say goodbye 
I don't even have to give a sad contemplative sigh
Because I won't mind,
Or at least that's what I'll tell you,
I'll tell you I don't care 
And that I will shed no tears over your memory,
If I even decide to keep memories of you,
And you might even believe my hard exterior
And my nonchalant ways
But the truth--
The truth is I feel too much
And my heart will ache with your goodbye
And I will cry,
But I will wait until you leave
Because I try to be tough
And I try to build wall that you can't climb
When really I've made it so I can't climb out,
And so is this my future behind a wall?
Never having to say goodbye,
But never given the opportunity to say hello...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Thoughts in a Day

My life is getting personal
In real tangible ways
That feel like soft breezes on cloudy days
And late night walks
With autumn colored tree lined paths
Leading to a cup of tea
And a warm embrace
With songs ringing through my ears
In a fall that feels like winter
Living in a place that is not home
Hoping to make it feel like home
Knowing that home feels like you
But trying not to let my mind wander that far
Throwing those thoughts off this bridge
Because it might be high enough to kill them
But my heart is invested in the future
And I can almost reach out and touch it
If I don't over analyze it first

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Set Up"

With a quick breath in
And one last look
Holding on possibly too long
Little did you know
What they were all anticipating
Getting set up 
To fail miserably
Or to change lives
No longer just an innocent evening
Two outcomes but
Only one is truly wanted.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hanging On

The more I'm bought the less I cost. 
And I've been bought a few times. 
I've been bought by people who would throw me away 
when they got what they needed or 
when I wouldn't give them what they wanted. 
I've been bought by people who thought they loved me, 
but grew out of their love for me. 
I've been bought by people whom I thought I loved, 
but then I grew out of my love for them. 
Being bruised and cut bringing baggage wherever I go 
pained with the honesty I must profess. 
Hanging on the blessing of forgiveness 
and the promise of a hope and a future. 
Knowing that being bought can be beautiful 
if placed in hands that don't grow weary or tired with me and my baggage. 
Holding on to the hope that love can exist.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn mornings allow wool sweater to come 
out of the trunk and be thrown on,
as the tea kettle whistles
filled with lavender tea
that echos over the hard wood floors
while being
"a sweet autumn green eyed girl"
echos back in sweet give and take
like the sun trying to gain ground
over the impending clouds of winter