Saturday, January 17, 2009

living on the seam of history
experiencing the sunrise
through the lens of a daydream
not missing the perfect perfection
and the impossibility of it all
in light of discovery and nature
asking my questions
and only truly wanting your answers
because no one else knows my heart
you know the beats
and you've counted each one i've missed
so, i look to you in this watershed moment
for every unasked thought
this wrapped up in the missed beats
and in the ones that come to quickly
my ears can't hear its thrumming
but my whole body resonates with its groaning
because this space is getting small
and i don't know how much longer
or how much more my body can take
before i burst under the weight
of this moment
of this season
of this ache that is not yet defined
crying out in muffled pleas
for a glimpse
for something concrete
even for a second to lift this fog

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