Monday, January 25, 2010

too coward.

you'll never know
as i say
stealthily hidden
behind phrases
that only mean you
to me
because to me
you are that smile
and that song
you are that fit of anger
that rush of joy,
the pit of my stomach lurches
hoping you'll realize
hoping you'll read between my lines
between my lies,
but i am too coward
to do anything but hope
because the far corners of the globe
are calling my name
and i'm pointing to countries
like they are dreams
hopes, adventures
the places i'll call home
the places i'll leave my mark
still shouting
just in different languages
from different time zones
finding new words
being inspired by new surroundings,
but still bringing it back
to you
until my heart breaks with the effort
of painting on my smile
until i strip it all away
and plainly say
with one word
to your face
to your smile
to your anger
to your joy
to your song

1 comment:

cmm said...


you get me.

i wish i could say what i mean.