Thursday, January 7, 2010

praise and pleas

a faint song echoes
off vaulted ceilings
bouncing off the giant pillars
remembering every word
seeing every glance
thrown in plea and praise

marking the building
with the worshippers
the reside within
gently pulling their spirits
into a posture of remembrance
with a solidarity
only available among misfits

eternity in front of us
the path through the cross
the road marked by ominous beats
accompanied before
and followed after
in quietness and silence
we will be led
and in joyful we follow

never again the same
a glance behind
we wish to give
for fear
of who and what we will miss
not willing to see what we will miss ahead

and yet the beats still echo
and bounce
their way back to us
remembering our praise
remembering our pleas
until we can see our future

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