Thursday, September 24, 2009

time for some poems that have been living in the margins of my life...

"for a chance"

these breaths are on lease
until the air is cleaner
and this silence is on loan
until the music meets the words
balanced precariously
between fingertips
dipped in honey
sticky with pleasure
everything i'm not
but everything i would be
will be
for a chance
at living
where the wind moves easily
in and out of my lungs
and i can sing a song
with words only used
by romance novelists or sailors.



clarity fades in the shade of august
when words lose their meaning
as they are carelessly spoken
under skies being over taken by fall
the worries of winter cloud
the easy rhythm of life
sustained through summer
but teetering on the edge of losing it
one breath away from a warning
one sigh away from revealing
all wrapped up in the falling leaves
ice won't be clinking inside glasses much longer
as red wine takes it place
warming the space inside left by the sun
while an indecisive winter
causes bending of wills
unsure motives leading to unsure decisions
truth lost somewhere in the mist



catching stars in nets
sewn together by my dreams of you
and boozed soaked melodies
that float
and lift
my loose strands of hair
coming undone as i reach for something
because sky scrapers block my view
only my net grazes the infinite
only my dreams are able to break through
my self is blocked in
and suffocating


"she likes"

she likes the way he doesn't fear
her intelligence and wit,
playing into the jokes she tells
when she can't stop laughing at herself.
she likes the fact she can be herself
tattered, abused, used, learning how to be joyful.
he carries patches and mends
the places she doesn't see
and the ones she still tries to hide.
in this tangled dance
no one really knowing the steps,
only knowing they like where this is going
because she likes his eyes on her,
and he like to look.
as they move to the beats
she runs,
hand in hand with him
while he twirls her through the steps.

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