Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take It Back

A dream is a wish your heart makes?
Allow me to vomit on the very thought.
I dream of goodbyes
Of past loves
Of loves never had.
A dream?
A nightmare.
My mind wants me to believe it is a dream,
My deepest fears at center stage,
Losing those I love,
Or want to love,
Or never being loved at all.
Cinderella can take back her song
And her happy ending dream
Because I don't live in a fairy tale,
And princes don't ride on horseback,
Or come in to save the day.
And this screams of bitterness,
And I may be a strong independent woman,
But that doesn't mean a thing,
I want a happy ending
Like any girl in a frilly dress
With stars still in her eyes.
Because I need to average out
My hello's with my goodbye's
But I have to figure this out
Because I have to live this
Day dreams and wishes my heart make
Only carry me so far.
But is there any other cure?
Any other answer to this bitterness?
But to dream.
To hope.

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