Friday, February 27, 2009

a time of year...

This time of year I get a little lonely for calvin crest, I'm not going to lie. I miss the atmosphere and the weather and the way it feels.

I miss these ladies. (but i get to see all of them soon)

I miss team meetings. 

I miss this being considered work.

I miss this being my view.

But I'm really excited to be here in Portland this summer. I'm excited to hike Mount Hood and pick every possible kind of fruit I can. I'm excited to frolic through fields of lavender. I'm excited to possible go to Argentina. I'm excited to ride my bike everywhere and where skirts and drink iced americano's. I'm excited to live with Rachel and develop that friendship. I'm excited to figure out even more how to live.

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cmm said...

i am SO on the same page. but as you are excited for your summer in portland, i am excited for my mountain town, burrito slinging, road-tripping, flip-flop infested,creative freedom, music making, and apartment searching in the inner city filled summer too. i love you. and can't wait to see you. xx