Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh what a day...

I take step aerobics (you read right, don't worry). And I have short legs, let's face it no one has ever mistaken me for tall. Well today we were doing this thing where we kind of skip over the top of the step going the longest direction. I usually don't participate in this exercise because of the short leg problem but today I felt energetic and thought why not!! Well energetic or not I still have short legs and low and behold I fell. Right in the middle of class in the middle of the classroom. My foot slips off the edge of the step and I fall hard on to the ground. The best part as my foot was slipping I managed to land on it on it's side resulting now in a mild sprain. Luckily for me do I do this so often I just laughed it off, left class and had my roommate pick me up, and now I am icing it.

Welcome to the madness that is my life.

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caitlin meadow said...

i laughed out loud. so many reasons i love you friend. so many.