Wednesday, April 9, 2008

breathing slowly and deeply

My life is currently spinning out of control. I found out that I am 2 units short of graduating and I have been jumping through hoops the past 2 weeks trying to get classes and then signatures and now I have to wait for an appointment I have on Monday to get one more persons approval. My grad school application was sent off yesterday and now I have to just wait. To top it all off I have a 25 page paper due in a month and I am at a loss for how to accomplish that. In the midst of all of it I am not worried. Oddly and strangely I am at peace and taking one day at a time. I have even tried to be worried but it's not happening. I'm not quiting any of my responsibilities I'm just not letting them get to me. I have been earnestly praying this entire time for God to take my worry and just for everything to be ok....and God answered. There was no booming voice out of the heaven's saying it'll all be ok but there has been this sense of peace over the whole situation. And there have been butterflies. Not the kind you get when you see a cute boy or girl but the kind with wings that fly. For the past two weeks I have spent a lot of time on my porch in the sunshine and every time I am out there reading, writing, or just listening to nature or music there have been butterflies flying around. Now I know it is spring but I haven't seen them anywhere else and I know that those butterflies are just a little sign for me. And so I am just breathing slowly and deeply and taking it all as it comes to me and remembering that it is not in my hands.

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caitlin meadow said...

my goodness you're a beaut. xx