Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unexpected goodness.

we have random dance parties. get lost for hours and never mind. have yet to have a successful hike, waterfalls don't like us. drive backwards down a snow-covered mountainside. create roads in the snow using flip-flops. we drink good beer and wine. we dream of adventures. and go shopping for western boot. western boots we plan on wearing on road trips. we laugh uncontrollably. drink lots of coffee and lots and lots of coffee. and sometimes we just sit next to each other. quietly enjoying one anothers company. or we take walks in the sunshine hand in hand. and kiss in the rain. in the snow. and in the moments when everything could wrong and it goes right. we plan on learning to surf. to live simply. and ride bikes everywhere. we cook one night a week laughing in the kitchen. we have this moment and we'll take it. i'm keeping him forever. and he's keeping me.

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cmm said...

the fact that we are soul mate kind of friends has been confirmed. as if we weren't eerily similar enough, even from far away, we're both busy falling in love and might i add in a very similar fashion doing very similar things.

this rules!!!!!!