Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Thoughts in a Day

My life is getting personal
In real tangible ways
That feel like soft breezes on cloudy days
And late night walks
With autumn colored tree lined paths
Leading to a cup of tea
And a warm embrace
With songs ringing through my ears
In a fall that feels like winter
Living in a place that is not home
Hoping to make it feel like home
Knowing that home feels like you
But trying not to let my mind wander that far
Throwing those thoughts off this bridge
Because it might be high enough to kill them
But my heart is invested in the future
And I can almost reach out and touch it
If I don't over analyze it first

1 comment:

caitlin meadow said...

it blows my mind on a regular basis that we can be going through practically the same things in two different places.

that being said. i love you.