Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Quietness of Noise

My life is quiet right now. But good, so good. I spend a lot of time reading and laying by the pool of course. I am currently enraptured with The Prophet by Kahil Gibran. My soul needed it and I'm just drinking it up. It's funny I don't think quiet is the right word for my life because I live with my parents and my 9 year old sister and 4 year old brother and I live in the living room and I don't have a door or really any window coverings and so my life is a bit naked right now. Everything is spread out in all directions for everyone to see and that includes me. I'm enjoying it and finding peace in this madness :) God completely has surprised me with where I am and what I am doing. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing much of anything and I wish had gone to Calvin Crest but I'm doing tons of stuff and I have people I need to be with and things I need to do that Calvin Crest wouldn't allow.

I'm helping my grandparents clean out all of there closets this summer and the stories I've gotten about family members and what different pieces of clothing mean to my grandma (and the rocking 70's sunglasses) are priceless. In one day I've learned so much about my grandparents and my family. Last week I took a ten mile walk with mom from Marina Del Ray through Venice almost to Santa Monica just the two of us. All we did was talk and it was a sweet sweet time. My entire family (grandparents, parents and siblings) is taking a cruise together which should be crazy and fun. I get to be a bridesmaid for my dear friends Cindy and Kyle. I was there when they met and when they feel love and I feel honored to be included in their day. I am seeing Fergie in concert with my mom and sister! Not my first choice but I love my mom and sister so I am going. And then my dad and I are going to drive to Portland just the two of us. I'm excited for what God will do with that trip and what will come of it.

So life is noisy but so quiet and serene. Life is beautiful. I am happy to be where I am.

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