Sunday, October 28, 2007

musings of an october morning?

So you know it's around 2am apparently (even though daylight savings isn't until November this year but I don't think anyone else got that memo). I can't sleep and I'm sick. I probably can't sleep because I took a 4 hour nap at around 3pm and I didn't wake up until noon today.

I've been thinking a lot lately about things I can't control, mainly my health. Now I know that you can control your health with the way you live, but I can't control my thyroid condition. Things are good my doctor reduced my thyroid meds I take but other things always seem to happen. I'm now apparently extremely iron deficient. He informed me that eventual heart failure is a side affect of my thyroid condition. I'm not afraid of this. I'm not going to stop living. This is just the way it is and I've been thinking about it.

I wish I wasn't allergic to cats I do think they are rather cute and wouldn't mind having one.

More poetry coming soon...

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